Ten Talents Publishing

published by Ten Talents Publishing

Stan Paulk $15.00 free shipping for FB friends. Available on Amazon.com.                              The characters of this Louisiana based novel are based on people the author encountered as a young man. It’s drama plays out in the period during the transition of open land and the men who hunted and fished to provide for their families and the hunt clubs and land management laws. A bittersweet, historically accurate story of freedom lost and Bregained.

I ASKED FOR A ROSE (BUT GOD SEND AN ORCHID) by Cindy and Wade Robinson  As told to Jo Bower  is a story of tow people who met in college and married in their seventies. One lost their spouse through divorce and the other through a fiery death. The two stories are intermingled as God led these two lives through the trials and sadness of life to be reunited in God’s time. A truly wonderful story.


Available on Amazon.com,  from Ten Talents Publishing and Kindle e-books.

(Sorry no picture… the last computer crashed and I haven’t yet found the cover picture in my backup files.)




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