Jo’s Fiction

Book Two   300 dpi twins of zae cover_edited-1

Inspirational Science fiction
I made this up to avoid confusion with Christian Science – fiction. This work is my fun stuff, written in the Star Trek tradition. One of the main characters is a Chaplain on the Universal Science Ship M. Curie. This is a ship of archaeologists who specialize in digs on other planets much like we do here on earth to discover our own ancient civilizations.

Chaplain Craig Lea is on the ship at his request. He hobby is archaeology. He got interested in it through his historical studies. He also knows the captain and his wife, and jumped at the chance to serve the community of Believers aboard the ship.

As a result of being allowed to take part in the ship’s digs, the chaplain starts asking questions about what these beings they study believe, and comes to realize God is at work in the whole universe. But the symbols are all different. He first has to figure out what the symbols they find mean to the beings, then figure out their concept of ‘holy’ or God or ‘sacred’ and how that impacts their lives.

The fourth book in the series is to be published by Ten Talents Publishing this spring.
The first three are available on Amazon.Com.
The Tells of Cutezar, book One
The Twins of Zae, Book Two
The Mystics of Qutoka Book Three

All Books available at:o
Ten Talents Publishing, 920 Twin Bridges Road Apt. 97, Alexandria LA 71303
Book Three is available on Kindle e-reader


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