New Thoughts on the Afterlife

I know I made a rather strong statement about heaven and hell.
I have made it before, and when I said it again today I stopped and considered it.
“My relationship with God is so real,
If there were no heaven,
It would be okay.”

Now, I believe in heaven, and hell for that matter.
But I find neither the glory of heaven
Nor the fear of hell
Are the reasons I put God first in my life.
I find it is the relationship itself that I value.

These have been my thoughts when I made the statement.
And I ask myself
After all that happens everyday in our lives,
And the way the world is today,
Is that enough?

Well, let’s see…
When I gave my life to God, I accepted a new way of life.
My motivation has been changed from self-satisfaction
To service-centered satisfaction.
I find satisfaction in building up instead of tearing down.

God became a constant companion,
Who listens to my rants, raves, anger, hurts, celebrations, joys, and laughter.
We enter every day together.
And I see what God allows into my life
Through the eyes of being among friends instead of alone.

I seek religion and ways to make my world better because of this relationship,
Not to prove I am worthy to qualify for the relationship.
God is my strength and song
And has become my salvation.
Step by step, day/week/year God has become the core of my life.

My bent is towards artistic melancholy and,
Only God knows what all he has saved me from.
But I Figure life would not be pretty
Or joyful. Or peaceful. Or healthy. Or giving
And it would be one crises after another.

So, I say I believe my relationship is so important for my life
Even if heaven as we think of it
Is totally different from reality,
It is okay…I don’t need a mansion or streets of gold…
I have a relationship with God.


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