Monday Morning Prayer

God, Wake me up.

Open my mind to the possibilities of the week.
Help me plan so things that must be done are resolved.
But help me joyfully anticipate the messiness of the week.

Help welcome the things that break into my routine,
Accept the unwelcome challenges you present me,
React in wisdom, grace, and welcome growth.

Help me willingly participate in the laundry of life:
Those things someone has to do no matter what else happens
For the upkeep of family, religious and professional life.

Be the silent partner in all my interactions,
Whether it be my beloved, extended family, children, friends, business associate, or a clerk.
Temper my anger, my unhappiness when my desires are blocked, and even my celebration of personal triumphs.

The week is yours.
The possibilities are limitless.
Come, let us begin.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Prayer

    • When I worked full time I sometimes was jealous of Monty. Yes, he worked hard and worked full time too…. but someone still had to do laundry, clean bathrooms, and cook. While he rested in the evenings… Well. Let’s say as I settled the conflict with me, Monty and God, I grew a lot spiritually and emotionally. Thanks for commenting. PS we came to the point we divided some of the duties… but someone still had to do laundry. 🙂


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